A new kind of human specie called ‘Camera Man’.


     Since 2009, Apple introduced the first iPhone, camera have been perceived as an essential part of every smart phone. None smart phone has been sold without camera. It has transformed digital environment all around the world. Sharing has been enhanced. As we all know that only one picture can tell the whole story. People share their experience by taking a picture, or video, and upload it on their social media sites which is easier than writing one paragraph story. Typically people tend to share content related to their daily basis, well decorated lunch or impressive gift for instance. However some people seem to be addicted to this activity. Despite the situation needs their participation in term of help, car accident or  bullying for instance, they still consider taking a picture or video as the first priority.

     The term of the word ‘Camera man’ in this post is different from the term of the word ‘Camera man’ that we usually use to explain a person who responsible for taking pictures or videos in the media industry. ‘Camera man’ in this post defines an individual who does not work as professional journalism but like to produce contents even in inappropriate situation. For example In a situation of car accident, this kind of people prefer to produce contents than help.

     An existence of ‘Camera man’ is a byproduct of combination between digital camera and smartphone. It has been enhanced by  User generated content phenomenon, Culture of sharing and Social support.

     Digital cameras enhances people to gain power on digital environment. It has been accessible for them to express their opinion and attitude. As mentioned by Niroshan(2009), Technology is one essential factors enhance users to generate their own contents. Developing in consumer electronic goods, digital cameras and high-speed internet for instance, converges our life and digital in term of accessibility. 50 years ago, create and publish contents were responsibility for professional journalists. However, since consumer electronic devices were developed, consumers have occupied the power back. Monopoly power in media environment has been gradually destroyed, anyone with digital camera can produce contents.

     Combining between digital camera and mobile encourage sharing culture. Previously, the bridge connecting between producing and sharing content was rugged. People can easily create contents by using digital cameras. However, the process of sharing contents was not convenient like today, despite the fact that social media has been exited. Contents have to be transferred to computer then shared on social media. Combining between mobile phone and camera, to be smart phone, enhance sharing culture. While creating contents and sharing are one, ‘Camera man’ is born.

     In addition, supporting from digital population encourages ‘Camera man’.  Many people consume and support this contents as an entertainment. Providing a good feed back toward contents  means supporting.

      However, it’s difficult to judge that being ‘Camera man’ is good or bad. Some people may say that taking video or picture doesn’t make situations get better, participating and helping are useful. On the other hands, Some people may argue that ‘Camera man’ can fulfil tasks those professional journalists can’t do, many situations occur in the place and time that journalists can’t reach.


From meme to daily life, “Yellow shirt” and “Red shirt”.


     Further than desired travel destinations, Thailand is also well known by the political conflict. This conflict has produced many political memes. The well known one is “Yellow shirt” and “Red shirt”. Both of them are a symbol of 2 different groups of protestors. Further than the movement, an interesting phenomenon has been existed, yellow and red coloured shirts are avoided to wear in daily life. This piece of writing will examine the reason that “Yellow shirt” and “Red shirt” memes become a part of daily life.


     In late 2005, the first group of protestor was established, People’s Alliance of Democracy. A massive group of people, majority of them live in Bangkok, gathered with an attempt to move the prime minister, at that time was Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, out of his position. Initially they didn’t adopt anything as a symbol to represent their group. After the group was enlarged by many people joining the group, the group began to use the symbol. It chose a yellow coloured shirt to be a symbol of the group.

    The yellow coloured shirt, as a symbol, means loyalty to the King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Back then in 2006, Thailand had the massive celebration for the king, 60th Anniversary Celebrations of Bhumibol Aduljadej. The main colour that was mainly used is yellow. The objective of the protest, which was claimed by the leaders of protestor, was to make the country better by eliminating corruption for their king. The yellow coloured shirt, hence, was employed as a symbol of the protester group and became the well know “Yellow shirt” protestor.

     On the other hand, a group of movement supporting Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra joined together as the red shirt protestor. In order to fight against yellow shirt group, the group of people supporting Mr. Thaksin was established as the United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship. The purpose of this movement, which was claimed by the group leader, was fighting against dictatorship and obviously supporting Mr Thaksin. The group purposely employed “Red” as a symbol of the movement. Due to the meaning of red on the National flag of Thailand, red is referred to the country. Moreover, the group intend to wear red coloured shirt in order to show that they are rival of the yellow shirt group. Finally, this becomes the “Yellow shirt” and “Red shirt” meme.

A brief story of “Yellow shirt” and “Red shirt”. : http://bbc.in/1hzLsgO

After a long time of fighting between two groups, the memes, “Yellow shirt” and “Red shirt”, have been transferred to be an aspect in daily life. Since 2006 thai people have avoided to wear yellow or red coloured shirt in public area until now. Even particular event or celebration, yellow and red still be the last option for people to choose. The reason that these memes cause impact on society is an aspect of itself.

     First of all, shirt, as a meme, is easily applied to an aspect of daily basis. Shirt is a thing that certainly presents several details of an individual, social class, style, attitude for instance. Moreover, it also be a tool for individuals to express themselves. Moreover, “Yellow shirt” and “Red shirt ” are wisely chose to be a group symbol, due to the reason of clearly expression. People can only wear a yellow or red coloured shirt in order to express their political attitude. Therefore, yellow shirt and read shirt meme can be easily transferred to daily life.

     People avoid wearing yellow and red shirt by the reason of safety concern. These memes aren’t only a symbol of protestor, but also be a symbol of violence. Conflicts among two groups of supporter have been occurred through out the country. Some of them turned to be violence fighting among supporters.These enhance people to connect the protestor and violation. Moreover, people who intend to wear yellow or red shirt are perceived as a hard core supporter, who don’t hesitate to fight with their opponent. Hence, all kind of meme related to protest is avoided.


     Since 2006, political instabilities have been occurred many times along with many political memes. Some of them were forgotten by time. On the other hand, some of them have been developed but still existed until now. The memes “Yellow shirt” and “Red shirt” are an example of the meme that can affect daily routine of thai people. They were established 8 years ago. They have been gradually infected to daily life, thai people have avoided to wear yellow or red coloured shirt until now.