I’m addicted to social networks.

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     When was the last time that you pick your smart phone up and browse  through your social networks, without any particular purpose? How frequently you take a picture of your meal before upload it on your Facebook(or Instagram)?

     Today, social networks are an aspect of our daily life. They provide a space that we can share several stories about our life, upload several pictures from our weekend trip, contact and keep update with our friend. Moreover, They’re a convenient tool to exchange an information, for instance news and promotion, with many people.

     However, nothing is perfect, spending too much time with social network can ruin your life. It’s called ‘social network addiction’.

     What is ‘social network addiction’?

     Due to its informal definition, it explains the habit of excessively using social network, which leads to some problems in your real life. Nevertheless, it isn’t formally defined as medical decease, disorder or even pathological habit. By the reason that It’s difficult to precisely define who is addicted, no one can draw the clear line to separate between addiction and non-addiction. Therefore people can be admitted to be social network addicted when their social network behaviour jeopardise their social life, academic or working performance and recreation activities. Moreover, a research illustrates that social network addiction has a potential in co-occurrence with other excessive sedentary behaviour. For example overeating and over internet using.

social-media-addiction     Who are risky to be addicted?

     According to a research done by Daria and Mark, it mentions that people who has low level of self-esteem or introvert, especially an adolescent, would be easily addicted. By the reason that this group uses social network as a compensation, to fulfil the hole in their social life. Furthermore, they connect feedbacks, received from their social network friends, with their self-esteem. Self esteem will raise when they acquire a positive feedback, comments or ‘like’s. On the other hand, it will fail if they get a negative feedback, ignorance or criticism.

Online Social Networking and Addiction – A Review of Psychological literature by

Daria J. Kuss * and Mark D. Griffiths : www.mdpi.com/journal/ijerph


      When people addict to a social networks, their life can be ruined. For example, relationship, academic or working performance. Addicted individuals usually spend enormous amount of time, daily, with their social networks. 24 years old Australian woman claims that she spends 4 hours in each day on her social networks, which ruin her study(http://ab.co/1oLl3QV). Even she doesn’t has anything to post or particular thing to do, she find herself scroll down through her news feed. In addition, a study examining relationship between academic performance and Facebook usage in university students shows that students who get higher score and spend more time with studying do not use social networks, student who is heavy user tend to obtain lower score. By an explanation that student who get lower score may be distracted by social networks when they are studying via an internet.

     Relationships are also broken by this addiction, especially in closed relationship. For instance family, couple or closed friend. Because they spend more time for online, and reduce their time for offline relationship.


     However this addiction can be prevented.

     Firstly, If you have been addicted already, you need to accept the fact that you are addicted to it and desire to quite. This is the most essential part for problem solving.

     Secondly, before logging in to your social network, ask yourself for the reason or purpose of using it. Why do you need to use it? Considering the reason or purpose of each using can prevent you from wasting your time. If you can’t find any reasonable reason for logging in, just leave your devices there.

     Thirdly, estimating the period of time that you plan to achieve your task in social networks. It can prevent you from spend too much time on it.

     Finally, log out from your account after finish your task, in order to remind yourself that your tasks have been done.

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